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WE love to know your opinion

Please tell us what Does Simple Life mean to you?

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September 2018, Art Festival in Fukuoka led by Elida Maria Matsumoto. She had the great idea of  joining 15 artists from all over the world and offering us a great experience.


In the course of that Art Festival, the Jewish New Year started, and we decided to join the celebration. Each of us made a wish and wrote it on a paper. After that each of us chose one paper…


I received a yellow note with the wish “SIMPLE LIFE”.

What was the meaning of this concept for the one who wrote it?

Right at the moment I asked the question,it all started because it became not only my message but everybody's message as well.


We decided to start an art project around the theme of SIMPLE LIFE.


Now SIMPLE LIFE has its own entity.

It is a project of 4 artists; Elida Matsumoto from Brazil, Angela Saldanha from Portugal, Daphna Markman Zinemanas from Israel and myself Eva Ibanezcano from Spain.


We devised a plan to create an itinerant and social project. We will invite locals to participate and share their reflections about the significance of "SIMPLE LIFE".

They will also have the chance to create some artworks, which can be done in any material. There will be a size limitation


All the artwork created both by the four of us and the locals will be exhibited together forming a MURAL.

This mural will increase and change as we move from country to country. In that sense, we could say it is an Organic MURAL.


We will invite schools, friends and family, students, elderly , neighbours…


We believe that the chance of thinking about what does SIMPLE LIFE means for us can help to open our sight and mind.